Friday, September 2, 2011

My Very First Blog!!

Hello Dolls and thank you for dropping by my page for FR dolls!! Here you will get to see my collection grow as I start my fierce army of Fashion Dolls. I created this page so I can post my pics on here and do some dolly story lines or share some diorama tips with everyone. I also want to hear feedback from you guys because everyone in the doll world has his/her experiences and should share them so we can all learn together on what we should or should not do. I also love posting on doll boards but the only ones that i'm a part of is The Pink Parlor and Doll Divas!! If there are any other boards that are really good let me know!! Thank you again for stopping by my little place and take the time to look around and explore or leave me a message or comment. If you want to learn more about me check out my profile (right) or add me on facebook (top).